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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Story of Mine: My First

Before aku start menempelkan journal aku ni kat blog aku, aku dah terpaksa edit, delete, eliminate, adjust, repair dan beberapa terms lagi la yg aku sendiri tak reti nak sebut supaya ianya bersesuaian dengan suhu persekitaran dan suhu hati beberapa insan yang terpaksa aku kisahkan.. Pada mulanya aku malas nak tempel journay ni dalam blog aku. Tapi kemudian aku fikir apalah  salahnya meyemakkan dan memadatkan isi blog aku.. tapi yang penting beberapa perkara aku terpaksa amik kisah.. asalnya journal ni panjanggggggggg berjela tapi setelah di cut, cut, cut , then inilah hasilnya..

My First..

This is my own stories and I didn’t expecting someone, anyone or everyone will read through this journal. My intention is only to write it down for my own memorable asset and just to keep it by myself. So I decided to write it down. I’m more comfortable to write it in english even though I know and maybe somebody also  know that my english is very poor.. but who’s care.. This is my own writing and my own stories so I decided to write it as ‘broken english’ as it could be and as a simple english as I can do.. haaa... ha...
I will always keep updating this journal every time I remembered something that really give a mean to my life..

Today is 10TH JULY 2009

My first branded bra that I had was Bee Dees from Triumph. I’m not sure how I get it but I still remember that one is my first bra that I bought by myself.. That is one during my form 4 in MRSM KT. As long as remember I never tried buying any bra by myself except for that bra until I feel that I’m old enough to get help from my mom to buy it.

I’m still remember the first and the last bra that was bought by my big sister Ina is Skiva and I still remember it was half cup bra and its look very nice on my breast.. haaa.... thanks Ina.. I’m sure you already forgot about it because it was long time ago when I was study in Seremban for my english intensive course right after my SPM. On that time I always be penyibuk lepaking at your bujang house in Shah Alam before you are marrying abang Nazri. Now you already have 3 sons and one daughter.

My first cinta monyet is when I was in form 4 in MRSM KT. It’s really like “hidung tak mancung, pipi tersorong-sorong”. Even though till now I’m not really can see how it is look like but I know the meaning. My ‘Mr. Not Right’, I had really like seeing you everyday.. make my heart beat faster... haaa...ha... but it’s only me.. he doesn’t know anything pun.. haa... Perasan syok sorang-sorang.. heeee malunya.. I’m not an attractive girl pun...!!!

My first true love la ni kononnya .. is with someone called Mr. Z. Thanks for teaching me how to love and how to be loved by someone special. That‘s happened during I was continue my study in KYPM KL in 1995. That’s year I can name it as “flower-flowers years”.. ha..  haa……..I’m sure everyone who had been fall in love will said the same thing. I also agree that the first love is really-really-really our love and I also agree that the first love is realy suck !! especially if we are not meant to be!! It’s really hurts...  

My fisrt receiving call from Mr. Z after 10 years he left me is on malam Hari Raya last year. He’s asking for apologize for betraying our love. Even though I cannot accept all the reasons why he choose ‘her’ instead of me but it’s really doesn’t matter anymore.. I’ve my own life and I already have my lovely family with only ONE my loving husband and three lovely kids.

My first handphone is made of Erricsson.. it’s was year 1998. it’s much heavier than now days handphone and its easier getting hot.. haaa.. always make me headacne after do talking for a few minute... haaa...haaa
He (Mr. Z) should know why I did bought that handphone..  look.. how’s stupid I am.. love is blind.. I’m not really believe in long distance relationship..  that’s why I need to call him everyday... stupid.. stupid.. But now I had learn that anything stupid things and anything bad that had happened on that time would have something good behind of it.  Just let it be and never regret it...

My first eyes shadow is from cover girl brand. It was bought when I was in KYPM KL in 1995.  I believe that now that brand is never exist anymore especially in Malaysia’s market. I’m not sure why, but I still have one strip of colour of that cover girl eyes shadow.

My first choice colour of make-up is, of course natural earth colours.  That’s why my first favourite brand of make up is Body Shop. I used to used that brand before but now.. think twice maa if want to buy it.. haaa... Further more I was shy to used bling-bling colour.. haaa.. like makcik-makcik. Again furthermore, I already have and always have natural beauty so no need the bling-bling colours... haaa.... haaa  perasan sendiri...

Thank you for my friend Dollyzai for open my eyes that we still can be “sweet” in a “brutallity” suit or dress. It’s doesn’t  matter either we are ‘ganaz’ or what but we still need to be beautiful in our own way....  haaaa.... now  I believe I’m more ‘manis dan ayu’ than before especially after we are finishing our scholling days ..  During schoolling time no time to make up.. always sweating.. sport maa... go..go... sport!!!

The first time I‘m became a motorcyclist on the road was on 29th June 2009 (it was last week ) and first time I top up a fuel to a motorcycle was a day before yesterday (8th July 2009) is was after almost 32 years. I never top up a fuel to a motorcycle of my entire life.. It’s really awesome.. I can’t believe my own eyes that I just need to used RM2 to get the fuel.  Oh my godness.. Normally RM20 is not enough for my car for one week to travel from home to my work place.. And this is the first time, after 6 years I’d been working here, I realize that so many pocket money that I can save all this years... $$$$$$$$$.. I can be mata duitan.. haa..ha..

My first sport that I used to play for representating my Scholl was hockey.. That was when I’m in standard 4 in SK Batu 48 Dungun. Why do I stop playing hockey? Because in one of the tournament that I went through, someone accidently hit my head with her hockey stick. Then I continue my title as a sport girl with playing netball till I was in form 5.  Just because of my height is extra ordinary as compared with the other girl (During primary school je la....) it give me an advantage to hold the position as GK, GD, GS and GA and also captain to my team. Other than that I also active in other kinds of sports. Not need to mention here la....

My first tennis’s couch was Mr. Z. That one during I’m still studying in KL. Thank you for teach me and couched me on that.. and thank you for the tennis racket that you give me as a gift .. sayang la tu kononnyer…  I’m not sure where is it now..  maybe ‘reput’ already... haaa... Eventhough I’m not really good in sport which is used hand equipment but luckily I had an opportunity to gain an experienced on how to play tennis. I rather used my hand to slap and used my leg to kick someone.. if only it’s necessary...  haa

When the first time, I had been introduced to martial art (self defend skill), Tae Kwan Do, I really fall in love with it.. That is one during form 4 in MRSM KT. Even though it’s look like too late for me to start that skill but luckily with my involvement in sport before help me a lot in body flexibility and the strength to break something.. haa.. .. (Always broke something when I get angry and when I mengamuk sakan… haa….),it really help me a lot and it give me an advantage to skip a few levels till now I’m holding a junior black belt. Thanks for my instructor in MRSM KT, sorry I’m really forgot his name, but I can still remember his seksi moustache. Also thanks for my instructor in UTP.. but that time I’m not really have a heart to go through it anymore.. ala dah shy-shy cat ... Furthermore I want to maintain being a sweet girl maaaa... haaaa...haaaaaa ..

When first time I meet my husband I never thought that he will be my future husband. I have no interest at all towards him.. he’s look so skinny and fairer than mine.. Not my taste at all... never mine laaa.. if he is just want to be a friends of mine then it’s ok but please not more than that.. that was my first expression on him..   But actually if I recall back at that moment, he’s look nice and very humble.. he’s all in blue... haaa...

My first facial wash is Kao Biore, I can’t remember when did I start used it but it was during my secondary school. I still remember that mok and ayoh did visiting me at hostel in MRSM KT and bring along some stuff for me including that lucky facial wash. But as far as know my face never be shine and glory just because of that facial wash. All I know is that I already have natural beauty, inside and outside.. haaaa..

My first pregnancy was just right after we got married. I’m not really happy about it because I’m not prepared to be a mother, furthermore I’m not so happy when my status as a “single” suddenly change to a “isteri orang” at that time. All my entire life changed... I never though that being a wife to someone even to someone we already fall in love with is also very hard. I need time to make myself comfortable with that title and enjoying our honeymoon time for a year first, then we talked about having a baby. That’s our agreement... After a few weeks then, I had my miscarriage …

My first baby was Intan Nurliyana binti Badri.. She is our expecting new born baby. We had my lovely baby after almost two years of our marriage. She’s was born at Hospital Besar Kuala Terengganu (HB KT) on 29th April 2005 at 2.30 am. Even though I was plan to delivere the baby at Hospital Daerah Dungun, which near to my house and my father and my sis Ina was working there but as usually we only can be planned but Allah Maha Mengetahui.. Because of after 12 hours I was floated with water but the pain still isn’t there yet, and the baby still inside so they was decided to transfer me to HB KT. I can’t believe that I have my own baby. I’ve never imagine to become a mother.. Thanks God…Allhamdullilah… When the first time I touch and hold you I cannot describe how it feels but I know that feeling only mothers know…. Let cherish for all mothers in this world.  Especially is for our own mother. Thank you mok for keeping me warm and comfort me when I need you. I think all the mothers will make a promise to be a good mother to their kids…right or not?? My answer is Yes, but I still cannot understand why are some mother broke that promise.. Maybe they have their own reason.. but please make it logic maaa…..
Intan now is 4 years old.. and she already have a brother, Nasrul  2 years old and a sweet younger sister Wani, 8 moths old..

The first time when my husband saw our first new born baby, Intan is when he arrived in HB KT on that morning which is 6 hours after our baby taking breath by herself. I can see the big smile on his face. You’re look very happy ….He’s cannot make it on time to see me delivered our first baby because he’s from Ipoh on that night. Even though I feel a bit disappointed but I was so proud to introduce you to our baby and she’s actually the proof of our love. I can still remember you look so exhausted on that day.. But you still smile at me and our baby all day long. Thanks my love… Even though she’s is the new comer in our life and you are more excited about her but I never miss even a bit or a second from your eyes (attraction). I know how much you love me and I’ll try my best to give it back to you too. Hopefully our love will be last forever and ever and we will be faithful to each other.

My first menstrual is when I was standard 5. I think I can be categorizing as ‘early matured’. It’s very hard to be matured girl in ‘girly’ world…  I still remember at that time during my ‘jahil‘stage, I’m so scared to see blood on my panties but I’m afraid to tell anyone.. so I took one of my sister “modes” (pad) but I don’t know the right way  to wear it.. so I tear the pad until the cotton inside come out then I took that cotton then put it on my private part.. I thought everything is settle… haaaa… haa.. Then after a few moment, when my sister came in and look at some cotton everywhere (scattered) in her room the she start asking a lot of questions. Then with the ‘jahil’ and pity face I admit that I took one of her pad. The problem is settled then…. Luckily I have a good big sister.. Thanks Ida…
Actually other than that ‘pad’, I also had used several stuff of my big sister secretly. One of that is facial crème ‘Hazeline snow’.. Maybe some of us very familiar with that name, but I bet my daughter Intan will never know about that kind of brand when she grow up. I still remember at that time the tv commercial introduce Datin Tiara Jackelina as the product’s ambassador.. She was walking at the sea shore with the white horse. I was so attracted with that tv commercial at that time.. if I’m not mistaken it was before i’m in kindergarten yet.. so long time ago.. early 1980s.

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